Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Take the bus, Gus?

In theory, I love Bangkok's mini green buses. They add yet another touch of retro cool to this city. Who can resist their bright green color, their smaller-than-normal bus size, and the fact that a ride will only set you back a few baht? In practice, however, it's another story. Last time I took a green bus, it was raining and the windows had to be closed, so since there's no air-conditioning, it was blazing hot and sticky. And, that day, it was rush hour and the bus was crammed with too many people. As if that weren't enough, the driver was dodging in and out of traffic like a mad man, and I as I was bobbing around, I thought I was going to lose my dinner. Since then, I've decided to stick to taxis, looking out the peaceful air-conditioned cab at the funky green buses going by.