Saturday, April 26, 2014

Balinese Taxis

On my recent trip to Bali, I took a few taxis, and for the most part, it was unlike taking cabs in Bangkok. First of all, in Bali there are few taxis on the road to hail. Instead cabbies sit alongside the streets holding up "taxi" signs while waiting for customers. The taxis look like regular cars with no emblems on the side of the vehicle, nor special lights to designate that the cars are taxis. And there are no meters which means you need to haggle the fare, unless you don't mind getting overcharged for the ride. Balinese taxis, similar to  Bangkok cabs, however, often have offerings to the gods on the dashboard. Palm leaf baskets filled with flowers and fruit give the Balinese taxis a tropical flair. And to add to the exotic vibe, some of the drivers even tuck small blossoms behind their ears.