Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jalopy Taxi

I have to admit I normally look for newer taxis when hailing a cab in Bangkok because I've have some bad experiences in dilapidated taxis here, including one time when a beat-up taxi broke down half way to my destination. But today I ended up taking an older cab because all the newer ones were already hired. As we drove along, the car made loud squeaky and screechy noises. Inside the taxi were piles of old papers, books, magazines, half full water bottles, and several amulets in plastic bags. The driver was quite a character, too. He could barely see over his leopard print steering wheel and he was laughing maniacally to himself during most of the drive. I was happy when I finally arrived back home in one piece without the taxi breaking down or losing a wheel or something. But the driver should really get that squeak (and maybe himself) checked out.