Thursday, July 3, 2014

Whiff of Relief

Herbs have been used for aromatherapy in this part of the world for centuries. Today, you can readily find herbal nasal inhalers for sale in pharmacies, supermarkets, mom and pop shops, markets and convenience stores throughout Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. Some people, including this taxi driver, even make their own inhaler using a small bottle and their own recipe of fresh and dried herbs. Thais claim that the herbal inhalers can cure headaches and alleviate cold and flu symptoms, and many people here also use them to relax and de-stress. This cabby was inhaling his bottle of herbs every few minutes to relieve tension in the heavy Bangkok traffic. At one point, we were stuck behind a bus for ten minutes, so I could have used my own inhaler in the backseat to calm my nerves, too.